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Biowest, more than 35 years of serving life sciences

With over 35 years of expertise in cell culture, Biowest has become a major player in the world of serum and reactive media. However, the company remains on a human scale with 50 employees and has evolved with its employees.

Internal mobility

Joining Biowest is ...

  • A human-sized adventure,
  • Motivated and supportive teams
  • Friendly moments
  • Dynamic and on the lookout for new projects and challenges
  • Respectful, caring

Our trades

The Accounting and Finance department brings together the human resources and accounting professions.

“My job is to ensure the monitoring and reliability of the company’s accounts, to lead the accounting team and the human resources team and to set up the necessary financing for Biowest’s investments and growth”.

Working in the Accounting and Finance department requires a sense of organization and a good team spirit in order to collaborate with various departments of the company. 

Business Unit: Administrative and Financial Director, Accountant, Accounting Assistant, Human Resources Assistant, Purchasing Assistant, Financial Control Assistant.

The Quality Department’s mission is to ensure the quality of our products and their conformity.

The role of the Quality department is to meet the regulations to which Biowest is committed (ISO 9001 and 13485 standards) but also the requirements of our customers.

“Our department is a central department in contact with all other departments of the company. We guarantee the quality of Biowest products”.

The department works towards continuous improvement in order to meet and anticipate standards, regulations and potential problems.
The team has a variety of jobs, such as the CQHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment) Coordinator. The missions of this job are to supervise the quality control laboratory, to optimize it, and to respond to customer requests for specific analyses. She is also in charge of health, safety and the environment, managing personnel safety, waste management and setting up protocols to comply with government regulations.

Working in the quality department requires autonomy, organization, versatility, good interpersonal skills and a good understanding of the constraints and objectives of each department. You must be proactive and proactive in order to find ways to improve the processes in place.

Department Business: Quality Manager, CQHSE Coordinator, Quality Officer 

The Commercial & Marketing Department’s mission is to ensure the satisfaction of our customers in their purchasing process but also to manage the communication and marketing part of the company.

“We process specific products that need to be responsive and versatile in our business”

The team’s mission is to ensure rigorous monitoring of the client relationship in order to best meet the client’s requirements.

The service is also composed of a Communication & Marketing division whose role is to guarantee the image of the company and its visibility both externally and within the company, but also to promote it.

Working in the Sales & Marketing department requires language skills with a good command of English, both orally and in writing.

Service Occupation: Sales Manager, Sales Manager – Sales Distributor, Sales Manager, Sales Admin Manager, OEM Sales Admin, Sales Admin, Communication and Marketing Manager.

The Maintenance department is in contact with all the departments of the company and its mission is the preventive and curative maintenance of buildings and equipment as well as the improvement of workstations. The team works with subcontractors in the design of new installations and also in order to perform the necessary troubleshooting in our premises.

To work in the maintenance department, you have to be versatile, reactive, methodical and know how to quickly analyze a situation in order to respond to a breakdown.

Service Occupations: Service Manager, Service Engineer

Supply Chain Manager, Shipping Manager, Assistant Shipping Manager, Order Picker, Warehouse Clerk

Service sector jobs:
Production Manager, Production Technician, Production Operator, Laboratory and Production Technician

The Project Department is responsible for the development of projects in-house. The team carries out its assignments in a cross-functional manner and in collaboration with all departments of the company. It responds to the priorities defined with the Management but also to the annual Management Review which makes it possible to list the areas of improvement to be implemented.

“The project department must respond to the golden triangle of project management. Projects must meet a certain quality, must respect an allocated budget and deadlines defined upstream”.

The service works on continuous projects such as increasing production capacities, shipping, but also on the optimization of posts. He may have to think about the planning of our premises, the purchase of a new machine for production, the implementation of new production methods but also the development of software in-house.

To work in our project team, you have to be pragmatic, love the concrete and know how to anticipate the company’s evolutions. It is also necessary to have a good knowledge of the company’s services and their role within the organization.

It is necessary to be autonomous, patient in the realization and the process but also persevering to overcome the shares of risks or reluctance. Pedagogy, relationship with end users and the people involved are essential in our Project team.

Service Occupations: Project Manager, Method Technician.

Biowest Gender Equality Index

Having crossed the threshold of 50 employees during 2023, the company Biowest calculated its gender equality index for the first year.

Biowest has been committed to equal pay between men and women for many years, which is reflected in our professional equality index. Below, you will find the result of our various indicators (including one that could not be calculated for the year 2023):

index égalité professionnelle femmes hommes anglais
logo index egalite professionnelle

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