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Nanomycopulitine® concentrat

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Nanomycopulitine® is an innovative method for fast and efficient protection and elimination of bacterial contamination from cell cultures.

Nanomycopulitine® can be used in vitro to clean already contaminated cell cultures and to prevent recontamination during further cultivation. Curing of Mycoplasma infected cell lines is one of the most important applications of this innovative agent.

This toxin includes different required advantages for a suitable application in routine cell culture. It:
– kills bacteria in both logarithmic and stationary growing life cycle phases.
– has a wide spectrum of activity against Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria and also mycoplasma.
– does not affect the normal metabolism or enzymatic function.
– does not contain excipients or buffer which influence the growth negatively.
– is stable in liquid form under normal storage conditions and also in cell culture to provide a protection over a period of time.
– is non toxic and safe with respect to human handling.

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