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Biowest, winner of the France Recovery Plan with its MESPRCC project

Biowest is very pleased to announce that it has been chosen as the laureate of the #FranceRelance Plan with its “MESPRCC” project (Modernisation and Extension of the Cell Culture Reagent Production Site).

As part of the recovery plan, the Ministry for the Economy, Finance and the Recovery has decided to create a fund to support industrial investment in strategic sectors for the resilience of our economy.

The call for projects is to support the best investment projects likely to strengthen the autonomy and resilience of French industrial sectors. The aim is to reduce their degree of dependence on non-European suppliers, while developing the sectors of the future that guarantee the creation of value in France and in Europe.

This project was financed by the government as part of the Recovery Plan.  1 million euros of investments has been planned, half will be subsidised by the State, a total of 500,000 euros.

The MESPRCC project aims to modernise, extend and diversify the manufacture of cell culture products. The expected deliverables will boost Biowest’s growth (€6M in 3 years) and should create 11 jobs by the end of 2024.

The two investment packages supported are:

– the re-commissioning of 2 bioreactors (connection of utilities, technical and IT upgrades, etc.),

– the creation of a new production line for powdered cell culture media.

Thanks to the Ministry for the Economy, Finance and the Recovery as well as BpifranceandAtlanpole Biotherapies for their support.


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